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Design Trends to look out for in 2021

Trends as the name suggests come and go and it is because of this that we always suggest clients do not focus too much on what may currently be 'on trend'. Instead we remind them that the work we will do with them has one objective- to make them smile over and over again once completed. Having said that, we also believe that there is absolutely room to incorporate some trends in more 'rotating items' ie items or accessories that can be changed and beyond that if a certain trend is exactly what a client wants then we are more than happy to go all in and make that trend their new happy place.

So without further ado we wanted to outline the top 2021 trends that we think will be making waves in the interiors world and will be seen in many homes in the coming months (ours included!)


Curved furniture is making a big comeback in 2021. Out are harsh, sharp edges and instead everyone will be looking for beautifully crafted furniture that has elegant curves. Best of all the curved edges will be the perfect softness you might need when choosing a heavy textured fabric- perfect harmony and ever so inviting!

2)Grandma Chic

Yes you read that right- think florals, fringes, pleats and of course wallpaper. Feature walls are out this year and so its all about embracing wallpaper (for those a bit more cautious about wallpaper there are now a variety of options when it comes to easy application stick on wallpaper!). As we mentioned in our intro we are not suggesting you cover your whole house in florals, pleats and fringes but rather source some items that incorporate these aspects and use them as 'interchangeable items'- think of a blanket with a heavy fringe detail, or an array of cushions with floral patterns to add some depth to your living room/bedroom.

3)Warm Palettes

If you are already keeping an eye on trends one of the trends quickly seeming to fade away is cool colour palettes in your home. Pantone's colour of the year was probably your biggest clue to this- it is after all a bright yellow- suggesting a move away from even neutral palettes and aesthetics. Now, personally, we wont be incorporating too much yellow into our lives, however we will be adding more warmth by way of other colours and materials (its easy to forget that there are other ways to add a colour palette than colour itself!). For us natural wood, warmer brown tones and warmer neutrals like caramels, cashmeres and beiges will be a big focus point for us!

4) Heavy Textures

We often say that textures are an essential part of styling a room- and we will happily say it again. Textures are a great way to add dimension, aspect and depth to a room without needing to invest in larger items (although of course you can if you are able to!). Heavy textures can be anything from wood itself (such as wooden sculptures or accessories/decor items) to fabrics such as Boucle or heavy knit. Combining textures with a warmer colour palette can also invoke a sense of Hygge (a Danish design concept which translates into 'fun') and we are all for a bit of fun with the current situation affecting us all.

5)Multifunctional Spaces

Now more than ever clients come to us saying- we never needed one before but we now absolutely need a study or a space from which we can work. Estate agents have indicated that a separate study is now more sought after than an additional spare bedroom! However, as we know, in some instances it is not possible to change a room into a study if space isn't available- so welcoming multifunctional spaces is set to be the thing to do- thinking outside the box to ensure you can use a space for various things (take a look at our blog on home office tips which provides some info about space saving ideas!). We recommend really rethinking the use of rooms and spaces you already have- do you need that big armchair in the corner of the room or could you use the space differently eg as a play-corner for the kids or by investing in a corner desk and creating a 'study'? Space is at a premium so let's think outside of the box and make the most of the space we have

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