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Top Questions to ask an Interior Designer before hiring them

When it comes to making the decision to hire an interior designer there are certain things you should ask before starting any work. It will ensure that you are not only comfortable with what is about to happen but also that you and your designer are on the same page before work starts.

We wanted to share with you the top questions we would not only expect to be asked by potential new clients but also what we think clients should be asking.

1) How would you describe your design style?

This is a great question to find out a bit more about the designer. Some designers are very steadfast in what their design services will look like, while others are flexible and accept that their style or view may not be the clients. We would caution that social media posts can portray a certain image but don’t judge a book by its cover- a true designer will be able to take on board what the client is looking for and will be able to add and adapt accordingly. Designer use client work as part of their portfolio- its important to be able to show a variety of work so be open to approaching a designer whose social media or website might not be exavylt what you are looking for but which may show you that there are elements that you wish them to incorporate in the work they do for you.

2) What design services do you offer?

Tjhis is an opportunity for you to establish what the designer can offer you- we offer packages which are suited to all client types and their needs which we felt is an east way for clients to understand what they will get for what price. Ask for detailed- make sure you are thorough and the designer will give you as much detail as you need.

3) who will be working on my project?

This questions is a good way to not only understand the designer who will be working with you- you have to get on with them after all- but also to see what the designer can offer you in addition to what is listed in their services. Will there be one dedicated designer and how many other projects are they currently working on? What will they expect from you as a client? How responsive can you expect them to be? Ask away and remember- you are the client.

4) What happens if I don’t like the design?

This is one we would hope doesn’t happen because if you are open and honest and have good communication with your client then a designer should be confident in the work they present. However, on occasion things can get lost in translation and that is why it is normal to expect several iterations of designs before they are finalised- designers expect it and to be honest we like to be challenged by clients because we want you to be happy.

Those are our top 4 questions to ask- but remember that a designer would always expect lots of questions and you should ask them- whether its asking for other client testimonials, seeing their portfolio, taking time to think about your next step- you are the client and you should ask all the questions you need to make the right decision for you.

MAOMA Designs is a small Design Studio based in Surrey offering Interior Design Services to both residential and commercial clients.

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