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Green Kitchens are in! How to embrace the new trend in your home without blowing the budget!

Green Kitchens are the kitchen colour of the moment. The versatility of the colour itself means there are countless options as to what shade you go for- and why not bring some colour in after years of 'grey' (don't get me wrong I am a fan of grey but we don't need to have it everywhere do we?!).

So having accepted that this is the Kitchen Colour of the moment how can you incorporate it to stay on trend but preferably without buying a whole new kitchen? Well, fear not, as always we have some helpful tips to get you on your way to a kitchen refresh that is very on trend indeed....

Top Tip 1: Cabinets. No you don't need to buy all new cabinetry but instead why not make just one door/cupboard a standout colour- highlighting the green trend and creating a focal point and accent. You can actually find very budget friendly replacement cabinet doors which offer great versatility without the hassle of painting the unit! Take a look at as an example but you will a lot of companies offering this. Alternatively if you wanted to you could paint your kitchen island green to add a contrast.

Top Tip 2: Kitchen Tiles: Looking for a new backsplash idea or revamp- then why not take the opportunity to add some colour. Remember that there are countless shades of green so it can be a very subtle colour accent (think sage green or more of a Farrow & Ball French Grey- which is actually a shade of green!) We think this is a great option to make a kitchen look different without too much trouble- and if lockdown has encouraged you to be a DYI genius then there are various YouTube videos available to get you started.

Top Tip 3: Paint the walls- yes this can be a greater expense however again it can be a great way to add a new lease of life into a kitchen. Think of more subtle greens again as you want to make sure that the current cabinetry you have will be complimented by the new wall paint. Aquamarine tones will complement natural materials such as slate and stone, as well as wooden textures and finishes.

Top Tip 4: Don't forget the floor! Now as we have mentioned a lot of times on our blog the floor of your home is always going to be one of the biggest expenses- but don't forget that you can 'accessorise your floor' using rugs or floor runners (or if you want to blow the budget then consider including some floor tiles). We would obviously need to caution that in the kitchen a full rug with lots of material may not be ideal (think of the food spills) but a Jute rug would work very well in a kitchen/diner area and a runner shouldn't be underestimated. If you are more of a 'neutral' palette type then stick to the paler shades of green- but feel free to also go for a more vibrant green if you feel like its what your gut is telling you!

Top Tip 5: If you are lucky enough to be at a stage right now which means you can chose a new kitchen (yes we are envious just saying it) then really do consider looking into green shades of colour for your cabinetry. You can go all out English Country Kitchen racing green with a beautiful light coloured worktop (stay away from dark worktops if you are going to use green in the cabinetry) or look into a pale light shade of green (aquamarine, sage, greens with neutral undertones) to create a bright light space that instantly also feels modern and brings in this years Top Kitchen trend while staying slightly understated!

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