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Let's talk about your Wardrobe...

Wardrobe space is a commodity most of us would give anything for- but it can come in more ways than you imagine. With a little research, sourcing and imagination you can expand your wardrobe space by introducing a few things into your bedroom... from stylish fitted wardrobes, corner wardrobes and built-in cupboards, to mirrored and sliding wardrobe doors and storage boxes- all can be used to enhance your wardrobe space!

Before we go into the details of what you can do to expand your wardrobe storage pace lets take a step back and look at the really important aspect of this topic....what is currently in your wardrobe? If you have an extensive wardrobe then adding a few storage boxes wouldn't really do the trick and if you are disciplined enough to have a capsule wardrobe then you might wish to explore options other than storage boxes to showcase your clothes...and handbags...and shoes...ahhh we really need so much space don't we?!

I think there are two scenario here 1) You are building a new wardrobe storage solution and 2) you want to enhance what you've got by being a little cleaver about how you use storage and what for.

The first step for any wardrobe storage related revamp is to assess your current wardrobe needs- do you need more space or do you need to review what you have in your wardrobe and reduce that? A capsule wardrobe is one of those things I have always aspired to- and I am getting there but the first big step was to really assess and say 'when was the last time I wore that?' or 'Will I wear that again'?

I once read a great tip whereby when you put a hanger back int he wardrobe to use an item hang the item the other way around- then in 6 months time look at your wardrobe and you will be able to see which items you haven't worn for 6 months and you can assess whether to keep or get rid of- easy!

Once you have decided on what to keep you can see just how much more space (or new space) you really need. If you are planning to move/rebuild a wardrobe then think about the type of storage- do you prefer to hang your clothes or fold most items? Do you wish to display your collection of handbags or shoes or do you prefer to have things behind doors? Similarly if you are looking to add storage to your wardrobe space then think about reorganising the wardrobe- folding items in the style of the amazing Marie Kondo means you will immediately have more space. Using storage containers or boxes can give you a more organised space and help create space (stacking boxes on top of one another for example!).

Your wardrobe is an extension of your sense of style so don't be afraid to embrace colour if you notice your wardrobe is colourful- go for bold wardrobe doors or storage boxes- and don't forget...mirrors! you don't have to have them looking at you all the time- put them inside the wardrobe doors if you want to- but mirrors create space and light so however small or large your wardrobe area might be- adding mirrors will make it feel spacious without even trying.

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