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What Items to Display in your Kitchen (and what to keep in your Cabinets)

One of the spaces in our homes that can become very cluttered (without realising it sometimes) is the Kitchen. It is the heart of the home and it is where most of our activities take place. We try to maintain order but it can be hard- here we highlight the things that you can display on your worktop without feeling cluttered or overwhelmed.

Your kitchen worktop should be used for items you use frequently and for items that need to be in easy reach when you are busy and rushing around. The point is to keep items close by so you're not running around while getting ready in the morning, making meals, or cleaning up after cooking. So here we highlight some items we think from an Interior Styling perspective will be just fine to have on display for all to see....

Mason Jars/Display Jars: Mason Jars (small and large) are a decorative way to store and contain small items. You can use them to contain grab-and-go snacks and other small odds and ends to keep your counters from becoming cluttered.

Coffee machine: If you make coffee every day (we know we do!), there is no better place to keep it than on your kitchen counter.

Mixer: There are very few drawers or cabinets that can store a large appliance like your mixer. Plus, the size and weight may even damage your cabinets. Keep your mixer on display- especially if it is one that looks fabulous!

Paper towels: These need to be handy but not in the way and you just cant get around putting them somewhere on your worktop- unless you are super clean and organised and have them hidden away- but we certainly couldn't live like that! You want to be able to grab them when you need them, but it’s a pain to have to move a paper towel holder around. They don't however need to be on full display- you can get handy paper towel dispensers that can be attached underneath a cabinet to keep them a little hidden.

Fruit Bowl: Many fruits (and vegetables) shouldn't be refrigerated and you’re more likely to eat them if you can see them right there on the worktop. Plus, fruits and veggies are good for you so it's a win win.

What not to keep on your Worktop

For items that you don't use often, find another spot for them such as a cabinet or a utility room shelf if you have one.

Appliances you rarely use: If you don’t use it every day, get it off the worktop and store these in a cupboard. Only you can know which appliances you rarely use (I

Papers: have a 'dedicated space' for you papers eg a paper bowl or some form of dish- but be careful not to let this become a dumping ground for papers/letters (I admit I am guilty of this myself!)

Serving pieces/large Crockery Items: Store these—unless you entertain daily, they’ll be taking up more room than is necessary.

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