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Designing & Styling a Nursery - What you should consider

What an exciting time! When it comes to designing or styling the Nursery of your little bundle of joy it can (and most probably will) be emotional, exciting, daunting, overwhelming and for some of you...the first time you’ve had to think about what to put in the nursery. We hope that these simple yet important things will help prepare you for your arrival and will make your life a little bit easier.

1) Storage

Storage is your friend when it comes to a nursery. Making sure you have spaces to put away all of the things you will inevitably acquire (especially by way of gifts) will help you keep the space tidy which will automatically help create a calm space for you and your baby. Make sure you plan for storage wherever you can- floating shelves with baskets are great, using a large chests of drawers as the changing table means you will be space saving and creating a storage unit.

2) Colour

We know choosing a colour for the nursery can be one of the most difficult decisions. However, it doesn’t have to be. Whatever colour you chose we recommend considering the impact colours can have on atmosphere and moods. Colours such as red are associated with alertness whereas blues are associated with calm and can involve a sense of coldness. One of our favourite colours is in the green space. Green is calming and invokes a sense of nature- perfect for your little ones safe space. Whatever colour you chose remember to consider the way that colour impacts your mood and how you feel when surrounded by it.

3) Lighting

Lighting may be an obvious point to mention but it's easy, especially for first time parents, to forget the various times of day (and night) you will be in this room or needing to see little things. We suggest including a dimmer switch in the nursery, investing in a night light and also investing in some hallway lights that you can stick to the skirting boards/close to the floor. These last ones are great for those night time walks around the house you’ll be making and will avoid you having to turn on the big lights.

4) Seating area

This is tricky if you have a small nursery-but it can be done. Seating is something that can vary from a nursing chair to a bench or a footstool- anything you can use to sit on in the night when your little one needs a cuddle. This is especially something to consider when your baby start to get a bit older and they start to get a little bit heavier to hold and you need some back support. Look at the space available and if a chair is out of the question get inventive- maybe all that storage space you planned for has space for a will be something you thank us for!

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