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How to make a House feel like a Home- Top Tips

Taking on any renovation projects- whether extensive or small- can be daunting. After all your house will be your biggest investment to date so you don’t want to style it or renovate it in a way that you know wont be something you can enjoy for a very long time. We hope that our top tips of how to turn your house into a home that will last will help you whatever stage of a renovation project you may be on.

Top Tip 1: Make it your own. Easier said than done but overall make sure that you do this for yourself with your own style in mind. Of course you could follow trends (take a look at our blog last week for our top trends for 2021) but they have to fall in line with your own style. If you are partial to some panelling- then go for it, but if you aren’t so keen on the colour of the day that everyone seems to be incorporating in their homes then don’t feel pressured to use it- go for a colour you know will make you smile when you see it.

Top Tip 2: Moodboards. These are an interior designers best friend. They not only help convey a style or a vision of a space to themselves and their clients but most importantly they are an easy, cost efficient way to see whether what you have planned will work in practice and what it will look like when you put all those colours, textures, patterns, materials together. And best of all.....these days you can make digital moodboards using website such as StyleSourceBook which means you don’t have to spend time sourcing materials for a physical moodboard- although if you ask us we would make moodboards with scraps of fabric and paint all day long if we could!

Top Tip 3: Paint and Paper. Paint colour will look different depending on where any natural light will hit it. This means that you could see a colour in a swatch book or online and when you put it into the room you wish to have it in, it will look totally different! It is so important to order paint samples/swatches (you can get some fabulous stick on paint samples from to make sure the colour is just what you are after in that space! Remember, a colour can really make a house feel like a home- and the same goes for wallpaper!

Top Tip 4:Size up the Furniture. Decide on the furniture you want in your room. Think about scale, in a large room you need a big sofa and footstool. Most designers recommend that even small rooms should have one large statement piece, even if it is a headboard in a bedroom. A balance of large and small pieces will create an appealing living space and help make it feel like home.

Top Tip 5: Don’t forget the finishing touches! This is the fun bit. Lampshades, rugs, cushions, paintings and plants can all make a huge difference, but are sometimes hard to choose until you have the walls painted or papered and curtains up. Even the colours on the spines of books in a bookshelf, a throw on the back of the sofa, or in a kitchen ceramic, tablecloths, create opportunities for accents of colour, warmth and texture.

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