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New Year, New Home Interiors in just 5 easy steps

As we look set to continue our new norm of working from home, the increased time spent in our homes can lead to 'aesthetic fatigue' and lockdown motivation burnout.

To give yourself and your home office a much needed boost this New Year, try these 5 simple steps to get the creativity flowing and your motivation back on track with an at home revamp.

Step 1: Start from scratch and dig out that floorplan. First and foremost, you need to know your space to make the most of out your home refresh. To help you visualise the changes you can either draw out the room yourself or use one of many apps available to draw out the floorplan for you!

Step 2: Proportions are key. When looking at refreshing a space make sure that you consider size- is the sofa going to be too large for the room? Do I need that additional armchair? Can I put up floating shelves to save floor space and make the room feel larger? Maximising space has proven very beneficial for helping to keep a fresh mind when we are being encouraged to stay at home.

Step 3: Colours & Textures. Simply changing the colour and textures in a room (painting the walls, artwork, cushions, throws, rugs, layered curtains) can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel. And if you want to then be bold and paint that wall a colour that will make people look twice

Step 4: Declutter. Use the opportunity to declutter, re-evaluate what you want the space to invoke and remember- using baskets or boxes can be practical and result in a different look!

Step 5: Remember to enjoy the process! Taking the decision to change doesn't have to mean large investments- small changes can make a big impact. Reflect your personality in what you are creating - and let yourself be creative.

MAOMA Designs is a small Design Studio based in Surrey offering Interior Design Services to both residential and commercial clients.

For further information or if you would like to see how MAOMA Designs could help you please visit

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