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Styling a Console Table - Top Tips

A console table is usually a staple in the entrance hallway- whether it's large, wide and a feature piece by itself or whether its slim discreet and on the thin and smaller side.

Regardless of the shape or size of your console table using our top tips will be sure to make the most of it and make it look like you really know your stuff when it comes to styling this sometimes forgotten and overlooked piece of furniture.

Tip 1: Create and Anchor. This can be an item that won't just physically weigh down and anchor the console itself but also a focal piece- what is it you want to display ? It could be a large tray to hold your household Items, it could be a vase, it could be a statue or another form of art you wish to display. The main thing is to chose an anchor and make it the key focal piece on the table.

Tip 2: Add height. Use the space you have to create the illusion of a higher ceiling - this is also true when it comes to any item of furniture eg side tables, chest of drawers, coffee tables etc- use height to help make the room and space appear taller! You can add height by using table lamps to also add another element of lighting to the space. Don’t be afraid to try out different heights as well- you could get a table lamp and a few different size vases to play around with height- depending on the size of the console table of course.

Tip 3: Go Underneath. Sometimes there is a misconception that you shouldn't place anything underneath a console table- but why wouldn’t you use this space? It’s the perfect place to add some storage with some stylish baskets (also handy to hide away shoes for example) or why not add some textured footstools or a bench that can be a handy pull out option for any room should you need it.

Tip 4: Create Balance. This can sometimes be one of the elements clients can struggle with the most- the art of ‘balance’. Some people do have an eye for it and can see a space from a wider perspective helping to balance it - however large or small. When it comes to console tables we specifically look at balancing the entire length or width of the console table- using not just one corner or just the middle of the table- which could make it seem very much off balance. As an example why not use the notion of symmetry to help as a starting point in finding the right balance for the space. By symmetry we mean use the rule of three as a starting point- one item in the middle and one item either end of the table- see what it looks like and start from there.

Tip 5: Add an element of nature. Traditionally and most commonly console tables are places to display boxes, trays, lamps or vases- but why not give the table some life? Adding some plants/flowers (faux or real) can add an organic element to the table and also provides another item where you can play with height- tall flowers such as orchids or individual branches can be a great way to add height to the space and fill the empty vase that you have possibly used as your anchor.

Finally- remember one of our most important styling tips for all areas- EDIT. Edit the space/display as many times as you need to until you feel it hits your brief- mix it up, change it around and remember its all about trial and error- there is no right answer!

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