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Types of Flooring - Pros & Cons

So you’ve made the decision to change the floor in your home- but what to chose? Flooring really can make or break a room and there are lots of options available- which is right for you and the particular space you are looking to ‘re-floor’?

We are going to try and keep things simple for you and give a list of pros and cons for the 3 most common types of flooring to help you chose the right option or you- after all it is a big investment, with seemingly endless options and will be a big decision.


You cant really get more traditional than wood- but rest assured it doesn’t have to look dated or old fashioned- in fact it is one of the more versatile options if you aren’t sure what to chose. It can be used anywhere that doesn’t get really wet; for example, we wouldn’t typically put wood in a bathroom. It is of course great for kitchens, family rooms, dining rooms bedrooms, hallways- but as these areas are all areas with a high footfall we recommend ensuring that you chose a hard wearing option- no soft, untreated wood!Although ‘real wood’ can be pricier than other wood flooring options or wood effect flooring options, it will inevitably add value to your home and works well with any style.


With this choice of flooring the options truly are endless- from colours, patterns, materials, styles, grout options- anything you can think of really. Tile flooring works well in boot rooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and even sometimes in kitchens (bear in mind that this would then be a different sort of tile than you usually kitchen backsplash tile). This is the perfect option for any space that will get wet and dirty all the time.You can find some great inexpensive options when it comes to tiles and it is usually very durable (depending on what you select), it is easy to clean/maintain, and there are lots of patterns for laying tile. But it has it does have some cons- take a look at our table below of the things to bear in mind when choosing tiles as your flooring option.


Who doesn’t love a flooring options that provides warmth and a soft cushioned underfoot feeling? Carpet is the most popular choice of flooring. For us it is best used in bedrooms, lounge areas (although a rug can also do the trick in a lounge area if you have for example wood flooring throughout your ground floor) and stair runners.

Carpet is soft, comfortable, warm (physically and visually), it dampens sounds/echoing in a room, there are lots of colors/patterns available, and it is cozy for kids to play on. But staining is more likely and it can look/feel cheap if you don’t select a good quality carpet.We typically suggest wool or a wool blend for high-quality and durability!

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